[New] Chairs

I found 2 of these chairs at St. Vincent de Paul thrift store in Highland Park a few weeks ago, and while I obviously wasn't sold on the upholstery (eeek)...I thought the frames were worthy enough for some rehabilitation.  And they were a steal.  

I really wanted to try my hand at dyeing fabric, and when I found some really heavy vintage linen at an estate sale, I brought it home and Patrick and I spent one incredibly messy day dip-dyeing the linen for an ombre effect.   

When that was done, I took everything over to my friend Libby at Ranch n' Roll, who is a  re-upholstering cowgirl.  She also informed me that the last place these chairs were reupholstered was a local California prison, where they teach inmates how to do upholstery as part of their rehabilitation!  Crazy, right?  Libby said there were rows and rows of staples underneath the fabric, probably out of sheer boredom...or excitement over the staple gun.  Either way, those guys get some rehab, and so do the chairs...but I still made a point to bless them with sage on their way in the house...just in case.

Now they are my new captain's chairs for the dining table.
What do you think?

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