Laura Schoorl NYFW

Yay for Laura Schoorl!  My lovely lady-friend has been all over the internets these days with her new shoes, bags, sweaters, etc. - even showing at New York Fashion Week with clothing designer Christine Alcalay.  Love seeing talented women finding success!


The lack of my presence on this blog has been due to the fact that I was busy getting married.  It's been crazy planning this thing, and then actually being there and having the wedding was just as overwhelming.  But at the end of the day, it was worth it all.  The stress, the nerves, the going over budget, the designing of the dress - it was all worth it, because (most) everyone we love was there it was simply the best weekend of my life.  I mean, look how happy I look...

This past week we have been decompressing, starting to plan our honeymoon (Kauai), changing our names, yada, yada, yada.  Feeling pretty lucky to officially be married to my best friend.

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