Back to basics.


Happy Holidays, ya'll

Once again, heading up the 5 to the trifecta;  Sacramento - Nevada City - San Francisco for the holiday.  Excited to sit by the fire, take walks in the woods and play scrabble with the family.  And if you are not quite feeling the holiday spirit, I suggest that you watch this video.   Oh yeah, and this one.


Paul Klee, 1930


Mackintosh Watercolours

I've been doing loads of research on the Arts and Crafts movement for my wedding design inspiration, and Mackintosh windows and architecture were the first things I thought of.  But these watercolours done by Charles Rennie Mackintosh are incredible.

Art is the flower.  Life is the green leaf.  How beautiful life is often, but think of the stupendous possibilities of the flower.

-Charles Rennie Mackintosh


calm waters

Something about this photograph really strikes me.  Found at MonMignon


mocassin love.

My BFF just bought some leather this weekend to make a pair of mocassins.  Do you think that if I tried to make a pair they would turn out even remotely close to these


Ice Cube

Officially my favorite Rapper/Architect.   One man's eyesore is another man's paradise.  Video is a part of Pacific Standard Time - a citywide art show celebrating art in Los Angeles from 1945-1980.  Brilliant!


Winter Wardrobe Wishlist

Rachel Comey, why must you design the best clothing and be so 'spensive?

Thasper Dress.  Gorge.

Dieppa Restrepo Dandy Slip-ons

The search for shoes that feel like slippers but are appropriate outdoors is over!  Hallelujah.

Creatures of Comfort silk Pajama Set.



Adios, Florida.

2 hours away from hopping on a plane back to Los Angeles after a wonderfully relaxing week in Florida.  Spent time with family for my Grandma's 90th, and lounged at the beach - sure will miss the sunshine.
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