el jardin

 Recent photographs from the plot I share with my girls at Fountain Community Gardens.

our cricket visitor, photo by bevan


wedding planning begins.

Although no date has been set, (in fact, far from it) I've slowly been starting to think about the kind of wedding I want to have with Patrick, and I can't seem to get a desert wedding out of my head.  Renting an awesome mid-century modern house out in the desert and partying it up for three days is sounding pretty good to me, then ending the weekend with a Saturday ceremony at dusk.  Palm Springs, anyone?
Desert wedding photos by Charley Star & Sarah Yates .


Has anyone else been totally floored by all the peonies around town lately?  They're just the most ridiculous flower.  Walking my dog by Gilly Flowers has turned into such a daily pleasure because of these little flowers!  Pictures by photographer Kari Herer.


Glad Midsommar!

Happy Midsummer to all my Swedish kompis!  I miss Stockholm right about now, the perfect place in the summertime.  Luckily, my best friend from there has planned a trip out to California in October so Stockholm is coming to me this year.  
My favorite place in Stockholm?  Rosendals Tradgården, where I took this picture, a botanical garden with a delicious and beautiful café.  This time last year I was prepping for my trip to Stockholm, sigh.



photo by Camilla Akrans


dreamy bohéme

Vogue Italia photo by Steven Meisel June 2000


Just a taste of the incredible antique jewelry from Erie Basin

the blues, contd...

 Yes!  perfection from Suno Resort 2012
lovely lace via navigate-navigate
Vintage Vogue Italia, photo by Marco Glaviano June 1991


Happy [belated] Father's Day

 Dad in High School
Grandpa Carl in High School

Happy Father's Day!

Vacation through California

 Since Big Sur campsites were booked Friday and Saturday, we started off our trip camping with some friends at Pinnacles National Monument, which would have been great had our neighbors at the site not brought two teething twins who screamed their heads off at 5am every morning.  Really, who brings angry toddlers camping?

 After Pinnacles, Patrick and I headed towards the coast, stopping at the gorgeous Mission San Juan Bautista, where they were having a Fiesta Days celebration. 

 Aztec dancers

 Then we arrived in Big Sur for the Bill Callahan show at Henry Miller Memorial Library.  There is something about Big Sur that is so completely magical - the way the fog never quite leaves, the height of the redwoods, the sweet nature of the locals, and the fact that Big Sur itself is not quite a town but more a stretch of the most beautiful highway where each stop is more unique than the last.  I dream about having our wedding here, but have to come to terms with it being a logistically difficult/expensive place for a wedding.  Anyhow, it is surely in my top-ten list of places on this earth.
 Me and my mischievous pup, at our gorgeous campground in Fernwood.

 Super Puppy!

 Elephant Seals were out on the beach just North of Hearst Castle, molting, mating & sparring.  They are the silliest and most fascinating creatures.
& that does it for our little road trip.  Now time for a bit of normalcy and nesting at home!


blue beauty

photographer Camilla Akrans

photographer Mario Testino + Kate Moss
Vogue Brasil May 2011


girls with hoses

found via FORGET IT
(orig. source unknown)

June 2011 Anthropologie

All Tied Up, oil on canvas, artist Kelly Reemsten


Maine in Review

Maine buoys

getting use of my duck boots

 at the lobster pound

pre-cooking lobster ritual

driving into the park

 my perfect little reading spot

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