green + gold

I've got gold jewelry and minty fresh greens on the MIND lately, and all these picks from Pour Porter shop are killing me.  i just want green and gold ALL summer long.


Saipua doin' it right

Here are some photos from a wedding that Brooklyn's fantastic flower arranging fairies over at Saipua did recently.  I'm so lucky to have my dear friend Asheley from Saipua working on flowers for my wedding (54 days left!).  Come work your magic girlfriend!


Bachelorette Party - Sea Ranch Lady Love

So thankful for my girlfriends who organized the perfect weekend in Sea Ranch for my bachelorette party.  Hike to the beach, delicious homemade meals, impromptu mani/pedis and pop music dance party were just some of the highlights of a fantastic weekend.  Now only 2 months 'til the wedding!


This Austin vacation home from Apartment Therapy has me wanting to decorate a small getaway home of my own!  Love the warm colors and woods, and also seems to accomplish a nice mix of old/worn and modern.
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