Dream Collective

Was taking a stroll in my hood yesterday, and ended up at Kathryn Bentley's newly redone shop Dream Collective on Sunset and Micheltorena, and loved what I saw.  She's carrying some really exciting designers and has curated a beautiful little space.  I scored some new jeans (has anyone tried thvm jeans?  they're made in LA, and make the perfect high-waisted dark skinny jean).  And of course, Kathryn's jewelry is also to die for.  

No. 6 Sandal


Wedding Shoes

I'm starting the search for shoes for my September wedding, and although I would realistically never be able to walk down the aisle in something so high, I reaaaaallly like these shoes - especially the Robert Clergerie pair, as they look just vintage enough to match my dress.  And the blush color would match the bridesmaid dresses.  And yet, alas, comfort will inevitably prevail and I will surely end up in flat sandals.  Boooooring.
But holy shit, look at these dreamy pink Miu Miu's with sparkles on the soles!  Come on!


Big Sur

Another wonderful trip to one of my favorite places on earth.  Big Sur never ceases to leave me in awe, it's landscape is so magical and dramatic, yet the town is so understated and seemingly from another era. Weekends like these make me so happy to live in California. 
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