Lizzie Fortunato

Great new pieces, inspired by mid-century architecture, by Lizzie Fortunato.


Happy Halloween

Man, I love Halloween.  It's always so fun to pretend to be someone else for a night, and it actually restores my confidence in people and their ability to be creative and show their sense of humor.  We're going to Cinefamily tonight for their annual party (since last year's was one of the funnest nights of my life).  This year is Dracula Disco:

I'm going as a Glampire, which I though I made up-but after googling it, clearly did not.  Patrick is dressing in drag (yikes), and our friends are going as David Bowie the Goblin King and baby Toby from the Labyrinth.  Happy Halloween!


Fall Inspiration

Fall accessories must-haves - vintage hat, dromedary scarf, everyday fall boots, and a big black sleek leather carry-all.  Now we just need fall weather.  via Closet Visit.

Side Tables

Just came across these two side tables on sale at West Elm - cute right?  Just the right amount of glam.  Tempting....


San Francisco

Heading to my old stomping grounds for the weekend, to see friends and support Patrick's film Maurice in the SFDocFest!  I-5 here we come.

Erie Basin

The treasures at Erie Basin (where we got my engagement ring) are neverending!  The brass art deco necklace is incredible, and I love this old nautical compass.  I wonder how the owner got such great taste in choosing jewelry - I must say that jewelry is the last thing I look at when shopping for vintage at flea markets - the amount of jewelry (usually displayed haphazardly) overwhelms me, and I'm unable to find the gems from the junk.  Which is why I'm so obsessed with places like Erie Basin and Tail of the Yak  - where the vintage jewels are already so well curated that everything is amazing!

California Poppies

Thinking about incorporating the Poppy into our wedding invitations...I really like the design of this postcard set by Yellow Owl Workshop.



Motto for the weekend.  
That said, I'm definitely seeing the new Almodovar film & checking out this vintage fair.

Living Room

I have been looking for a rug to tie my living room together for a while (I also have a brown worn leather couch, although sadly not as awesome as this one) and am liking this chevron print (in an unexpected brown) from blog House of Brinson.  I usually buy vintage Southwestern rugs, but this one may convince me otherwise.

Bradbury Building

Yesterday evening, on our way to supporting OccupyLA in downtown Los Angeles, we stopped in to check out the historical Bradbury building on Broadway and 3rd.  Built in 1893 by George Wyman - who drew inspiration from a science fiction novel which describes a utopian "vast hall full of light" -  the building has more recently been used as a film set (Bladerunner, anyone?).  Seeing this building reminds me of why I love LA and all of it's hidden secrets!


Vivian Maier

In 2007, an amateur historian by the name of John Maloof bought 30,000 negatives on a hunch.  They happened to be the photographic work of Vivian Maier, a lifelong nanny in Chicago who died in 2009 at age 83.  She is posthumously being lauded as one of the first street photographers, and her work is being compared to the likes of Brassai & Diane Arbus.  Maloof has edited a book of her photography called Vivian Maier: Street Photographer.

Elie Saab Spring RTW 2012

Impeccable, as always. 



With my friends from Sweden + my sister visiting, we have a busy weekend planned-
hiking in runyon, road trip to Palm Springs/Joshua Tree, dinner at Citron, then a Sunday bike-ride with Ciclavia.  Prettttyyy good.


Campfire Girl's Manual, 1914

Makes me want to pack up my tent and my girls and do a ladies camping weekend pronto.  

Louis Reith

Louis Reith illustrations on book pages, very architectural and yet nature-inspired. 


Mt. Tam Wedding

Just got home from a wonderful love-fest of a weekend in Mt. Tamalpais for our dear friends Jason and Kate's wedding.  Being back in the bay after so long was absolutely refreshing, and being able to share this event with so many friends filled my heart with joy.  The wedding went off without a hitch, and between my fiancĂ© officiating and me in charge of decor, it was super fun to be so involved in the joining of two loved ones.  More beautiful photos to come...
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