Pure inspiration coming out of Vogue Nippon 2005, photos by Yelena Yemchuk.  The braids and the layering of knits are what I'm imagining in my days to come.  In the meantime, LA is still bringing the heat, and I'm alright with that too. 

Fall shoe

Rachel Comey's new Knox boots in mud/claret.  I love the two-tones in suede and leather.  Beau-ti-ful. 



ACB Aesis Earrings - love these!

Continuing with my jewelry obsession as of late, these pieces from Austin-based shop Spartan really caught my eye.

then & now

Sent M'ahesa (Elsa von Carlberg) by Hanns Holdt, 1928

what a hunk

My man was featured on a LA style blog for his "dapper" look.  Agreed.  He's been helping out at the awesome book/zine/art store Family, if you haven't been, you should go!

listening to:



New Gypsies

These breathtaking photos, mostly taken in Romania, are part of a series The New Gypsies by photographer Iain McKell. 

Rock Collector

I'm into these mini rock collection dioramas by Cori Kindred.


wannabe a hasbeen

If I were a shoe, I'd wanna be this Hasbeens strappy clog.   Just sayin'.

listening to: Feist


Just got back from a wonderful trip up to Northern California, and admittedly, have abandoned my blogging duties.  Sincerest apologies...I shall do better.  Here's a great new song be Feist from someone whose not necessarily her biggest fan.  But I'm sharing it because damn that's a groovy song.



Headed to Sacramento & Nevada City for the weekend.  Yuba River here we come.


closet visit no. 2

Another beautiful post from Closet Visit of Sunny Walker, owner of newly-opened Painted Bird in Silver Lake.  Find more photos here.


beach weekend

Off to the beach this morning for some best-friend-birthday-sun, although not the beach in Montevideo where I got this postcard, one that's a bit more driving-distance.  Have a good weekend!



Odalisque 1926, Henri Matisse
Odalisque in a Violet Dress, Henri Matisse
Odalisque Harmony in Red, Henri Matisse


Kora Jewelry

Really liking this jewelry line by Kora, LA based designers who partner with African artisans who make some beautiful work.  Especially loving the bangles and the above charm bracelet.


The Ring!

Booyeah.  My new (vintage) ring from Erie Basin.  Turquoise with diamonds, mid 1800's from England.  Thank you Patrick! 


A nice musical suggestion by my dear friend Mr. Stevenson way down in Australia.


Just Kids

I just finished reading Patti Smith's book Just Kids, and am in complete awe by what a purely loving relationship she and Robert Mapplethorpe had.  What a beautifully written story of two people inspiring and supporting one another over so many years - and how one eventually had to let the other go.  Truly wonderful!

Arabella Ramsay: Alice Collection

Three great looks from Australian designer Arabella Ramsay latest Alice collection. 

Happy 2nd Birthday Henry!

Henry turns 2!  
Today we presented him with his very own kiddie pool and a pig's ear for dessert.  Happy dog.
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