Gunta Stolzl

From book 50 Years Bauhaus - see more about Gunta Stolzl here.



New jewelry at Creatures of Comfort by Marina Callis, Lizzie Fortunato, Melissa Joy Manning & Isabel Marant. 

General Store - Venice

If you're on the west side, be sure to check out General Store - it's one of my favorite SF stores that just opened an LA shop in a really beautiful space.  I scored a vintage denim jacket that is sure to become a staple.  Their stuff is so gorgeously curated here, you'll pretty much want one of EVERYTHING.


Dream Library

So, obviously, a few things need to line up in my life before I can have a home library like this dreamy den above - i.e. I need to get a house, and I need to be a multi-millionare (details) - but this interior makes me feel like dreaming BIG.  That bronze spiral staircase and black marble fireplace are KILLING ME.  Of course it's a Kelly Wearstler-designed home in Seattle.  I mean, look at the wallpaper in the Sitting Room.  Gorgeous.
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