Acid Modernism

Looking forward to getting this issue on my doorstep tomorrow.  This house, designed by artist Doug Aitken, is INSANE.  And how spot-on is this wallpaper?  I mean, it takes the theory of seamlessness between indoor to outdoor space to a whole new level.

NEXT LEVEL, right?  Did I mention this house is one block from the Pacific Ocean?  Heaven.  Here's the whole article.


Bad Girls


Anyone notice all the badass babes making music these days?  Grimes is officially on repeat, but then there's these new videos from Azealia Banks and of course M.I.A., both of whom tow the line between naughty and nice.  I'm digging it. 


Paris Fashion Week: Accessories


While having my wedding dress custom made, Madeleine Vionnet, the queen of the bias cut, has been a huge reference for me.  She was truly an architect of clothing on the female body, constructing most of her pieces first on a miniature doll.  I wish I could see her dresses in person!

Matthew Williamson Fall 2012



How about these foraged flower arrangements by Louesa Roebuck?  I love these magnolia tree ones - and have kind of been convinced that I need to forage my flowers for my wedding...cause that's not time consuming, right?  Louesa is quite talented - she used to own the Oakland-based shop August which also featured beautifully creative floral designs often hanging from the ceiling. 
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