i want to sleep here.

Perfection, from Apartment Therapy
Lovely new song & video from Fleet Foxes new album Helplessness Blues.


Have you guys ever heard of Lotusland?  It sounds incredible.  In 1941, Polish socialite and Opera singer Madame Ganna Walksa purchased the estate Lotusland in Santa Barbara and dedicated her life to turning it into a whimsical botanical garden.  Since her death in 1984, the garden has been left to the public, and it boasts a butterfly garden, an aloe garden & a cycad garden, for which she auctioned off a million dollars worth of her personal jewelry collection to finish before she died.  The place sounds enchanting, and since I've been dying to make weekend road trip to Santa Barbara, 
I just made reservations for their Cacti & Cocktails event on June 11.  
Hooray for gardens and good weather!


statement pieces

These stackable rings by Tom Tom Jewelry are rad, $60 single, $125 for three

photo from Refinery 29, Glenn cuff by Dannijo

Fenn ring by Jill Golden, $95

collection via Closet Visit

bracelet by Vanessa Mooney
The inspiration for this post is, well, I feel like I need more bling.  I've got some great simple pieces,
but I need those statement pieces that really make an outfit more interesting.


listening to: Teen Daze

Big Sur, here we come.

Just bought tickets to see Bill Callahan at Henry Miller Library
this June in Big Sur.  Camping trip anyone?  Oh, and we'll most
definitely be hitting up heaven on earth that Saturday evening.
Kenneth Noland Jazz, 1983




The beautiful Elizabeth Taylor in Dressed As An Odalisque

Wearing a Chador at the Shah Cheragh Shrine, Shiraz
Photographs by Firooz Zahedi in Iran, 1976
on exhibition at the LACMA until June 12, 2011



osborn oxfords

these shoes are super cute (especially the gold ones).

into it

braided bun via Joanna Goddard
ombre coloring on black hair, like Sue Tsai on closet visit



love these frida-inspired images from Marie Claire Italia


 drop everything and check out closet visit
if you wanna be inspired/insanely jealous of these beautiful/talented women & their closets.
 'cortez cat' wooden wedges by tenoversix & jeweler anndra neen
and Chanel ombre earrings via Vogue Italia


when it rains, it pours.

leaky roofs and broken umbrellas abound in LA,
but surely in the grand scheme of things, I think we're doing all right.
here's to hoping things start looking up this week in the world.
image via artist Christine Young


rainy days really don't suit L.A., but I can handle it for a weekend.  I'll see you on Monday, sun.
image via artist over at till fabriken


watching: La Danse

beautiful documentary film by Frederick Wiseman

pink sky

looking forward to playing with expired film this weekend.


A Family of Man

timely words of advice from The Family of Man by Edward Steichen

Inspiring Interiors

white kitchen plus marble countertops
& incredible bedroom via Emma's Design Blog
& cozy Joshua Tree living room via Apartment Therapy

A Moveable Feast

"But Paris was a very old city and we were young and nothing was simple there, not even poverty, nor sudden money, nor the moonlight, nor right and wrong nor the breathing of someone who lay beside you in the moonlight."


dream desks

via Kontor Kontur in Gothenburg, Sweden

casual color

all spring looks from Zara's March lookbook
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