joan, don & peggy

i wish i could miraculously watch mad men season 5 on my TV right now.  I'm so anxious to find out what happens, and quite frankly, I miss Joanie.  In the meantime, these illustrations will do the trick, by English artist Stanley Chow.


saudades do rio

missing the simplicity and sunshine of Rio de Janeiro.  my friends and i have been talking about renting a place by the beach in Leblon next year, and i think i need to make it happen.  I recently came across my itinerary for my last trip to Rio in 2009 and it made me so happy...beach, breakfast, botanical garden, thrift shopping (brecho), dancing...and repeat the next day.  and when i go again, i think i need this above steven alan dress to accompany me.  but for now, paris in the spring will definitely suffice!

hair appt.

i am generally someone whose hair is a bit of an afterthought when getting ready for the day, since my hair is so long i've convinced myself that it looks good messy and unbrushed - which may or may not be true, but works well with my wait-till-the-last-minute-to-get-ready daily routine.  but whenever i see a cute girl with an even cuter hairdo (like the above pics via La Petit Choue), i wish i had taken an extra five minutes to do something interesting with my hair.  i do have a hair appt. this friday to put a bit more blonde into my already blonde hair, so maybe that will be the inspiration.  i also just got these adorable hair bands from Lake Boutique in Silver Lake, which are said to not leave your hair crinkly if you dry it in a bun.  look cute in your hair, and even better on your wrist.


joshua tree national park

as the weather continues to warm up here, I've really been wanting to take another camping trip to joshua tree national park.  patrick and i visited it last summer together (where we took the first two photos) and scouted out some pretty peaceful camping spots, like Indian Cove, tucked in amidst some incredible rock formations.  the place just feels other-wordly, and these ancient trees stand so tall and sturdy and look like something out of a dr. seuss book.  
this strange land has been under protection as a national park since 1936, and the above black and white photo (one of my favorites) is of my grandparents, who visited joshua tree sometime in the 1940s. 


how could i have a bad day...

if this is what i wake up to every morning?

crush: steve martin


growing up watching old episodes of saturday night live, steve martin has always held a special place in my heart.  but after reading his memoir born standing up, i realized he is just as intelligent and lovable as he is is hilarious.  he writes about growing up in los angeles, getting his start at the magic shop in disneyland's magic castle and then moving to laurel canyon to become a budding writer and artist.  i love people who are jacks of all trades, and aren't afraid to change themselves for the adventure of being a novice, and i would definitely describe him as a modern-day renaissance man.  And how charming is the card above, found via community bulletin?  and the letter, comedic genius.  I also read an article recently in Los Angeles magazine, where locals were describing their L.A. stories.  Steve Martin wrote of L.A., and I tend to agree-
"If cities could be given an EKG, New York’s readout would be Andean and Los Angeles’s would be a sandy beach. New York is exterior and L.A. is interior, even though L.A. has the weather and New York doesn’t. It’s completely backward. When I’m in L.A., I always find myself pausing to feel the weather or look at the sky or feel how vivid everything is. How fertile and verdant."


desert-dreamy: kate moss for longchamp 2011

not really a big fan of longchamp as i find their bags a bit boring, but i am a fan of these pictures of kate, with that green dress and that eyeliner, whoa!  they almost make me want a bag, especially the first tote up top, and the satchel...nah, the pictures are cuter.

mexican wedding inspiration

spring palettes



Spring in Paris, Oui SVP

video for Live the Language does make me want to pack my bags.
via sartorialist

hotel de ville
hotel de ville

french biker babe via sartorialist

saint gervais church via eleonore bridge

will be heading to paris in april to visit patrick on his filmmaking adventure.  looking forward to this more than anything in the world.

loving: worn textiles

via remodelista
 (+ henry's tail)

planting indoors

looking for some new indoor plants for my home.

don't look back


oh rio, rio

a new bathing costume...

this one, the Maryelle by Diane Von Furstenberg has stripes in all the right spots, but sure is a big price for so little fabric.

Rachel Comey RTW

Rachel Comey's Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear was a tad underwhelming, but she still has the best prints and innovative cuts.  These were a few of my favorites for the warm weather coming soon.
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