Final weekend in Paris

My last weekend in Paris was spent happily in Liancourt-Rautigny, about 40 min North by train from Paris, visiting one of Patrick's relatives.  She inherited this 17th century chateau about 10 years ago, and turned part of it into a gallery space to showcase some incredible art.

She also had a visiting artist staying with her, a Polish mystic named Miranda (right) who was fascinating to talk to.

Just some of the book art displayed there, the one below made using folded newspaper and metal.

The space was breathtaking, but what was most special about the trip were the stories that Patrick's aunt had about Patrick's Grandfather, who himself had lived at the chateau.  

Patrick's Grandfather as a young man.

 ...and in front of the chateau with Patrick's uncle when he was little.

The whole weekend was magical - lots of wine, sunny skies, and good stories in a French castle...what more can you ask for?  Pinch me.    

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