Woman of the Year

Last night Patrick and I had a date-night out at the Action Cinéma in the Latin Quarter, an incredible theatre that plays old films, happily to a full crowd.  We saw the film Woman of the Year, with Katharine Hepburn portraying an erudite news columnist who falls in love with Spencer Tracy, the jockish sports writer for the same newspaper, and although she is successful in her career, she fails to successfully please her husband within the household.  

To tell you the truth, the movie was completely misogynistic, 
but enjoyable to watch nevertheless, purely for her incredible wardrobe.  In fact, in the scene of the screen-shot above, she is completely unlikeable because she resorted to adopting a refugee child from Greece, simply because she was named chairwoman of the board for the organization, 
with no plans for actually caring for the child.  
But naturally, I was distracted somewhat by her amazing silk polka-dot jumpsuit. 

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