Heath Ceramics Summer

I love Heath Ceramics' new warm-weather inspired Seasonal Collection.  This beautiful yellow, mixed among their more classic pieces would be my ideal, if they weren't a bajillion dollars (I get it, they're handmade in California, yada yada).  I've been scouring Ebay for sets to no avail, and Patrick and I "joked" that the reason we should have a wedding was so we could have Heath Ceramics.  I had a dream that I went to an estate sale and bought some old lady's whole collection for dirt cheap, is that weird?


  1. ooh those are nice!

    you could check out Ceramics Club sales or Guild sales at schools too. some students make sets all year to sell.
    and they are cheap ;)

  2. well if your dreams are anything like mine, it may come true very soon!


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