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I've been in the market for an upright City bike ever since moving to Los Angeles, and my vintage 70s Peugeot road bike with drop handlebars and suicide gear shifter was not cutting it on the dangerous roads (that are often sans bike paths).  But with last weeks approval of the Los Angeles Bicycle Plan, over the next five years bike paths in Los Angeles will double to 1,680 miles of bikeways.  The plan states, 
"It is part of a move away from the auto-centric approach of the past, and toward a sustainable transportation system-a system which supports motor vehicle use, but also enables the use of streets by other modes, such as bicycling, walking, and transit, and acknowledges the use of streets for other purposes, such as recreation, retail and public gatherings."
heck yeah!  And with the next Ciclavia ride being Sunday April 10, it feels like LA is quickly becoming a bike-friendly city.  So let the cute bike search begin:

Windsor 3-speed Oxford Deluxe, $349

Gary Fisher Simple City 3, $599

Public A7 5-speed, $495

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