crush: steve martin


growing up watching old episodes of saturday night live, steve martin has always held a special place in my heart.  but after reading his memoir born standing up, i realized he is just as intelligent and lovable as he is is hilarious.  he writes about growing up in los angeles, getting his start at the magic shop in disneyland's magic castle and then moving to laurel canyon to become a budding writer and artist.  i love people who are jacks of all trades, and aren't afraid to change themselves for the adventure of being a novice, and i would definitely describe him as a modern-day renaissance man.  And how charming is the card above, found via community bulletin?  and the letter, comedic genius.  I also read an article recently in Los Angeles magazine, where locals were describing their L.A. stories.  Steve Martin wrote of L.A., and I tend to agree-
"If cities could be given an EKG, New York’s readout would be Andean and Los Angeles’s would be a sandy beach. New York is exterior and L.A. is interior, even though L.A. has the weather and New York doesn’t. It’s completely backward. When I’m in L.A., I always find myself pausing to feel the weather or look at the sky or feel how vivid everything is. How fertile and verdant."

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  1. i listened to his book on tape, he was the narrator too which was awesome, it was such an endearing story, you're right.


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